Disaster Services of Action Bio-Care, Inc.

Action Bio-Care, Inc. is Licensed - Certified - Bonded - Insured - Medical Waste Hauler

Our disaster services include; Homicide Clean Up (Murder Cleanup), Suicide Clean Up (suicide cleaning), Death Clean-up (unattended death cleanup), Biohazard Cleanup (Biohazard Cleaning), Tear Gas Clean up, Blood Cleanup, Crime Scene Clean Up and Trauma Clean-Up. We are licensed Medical Waste Haulers so the waste generated from cleaning a scene will never be left behind. We remove it and dispose of it according to Local, State and Federal Laws.

Experts Certified

Our approach is driven by a strong ethic to provide World Class Customer Service at a time when it matters most. We are here to provide the highest level of care and service during this time. We understand and have been here before, we will take the high road at every opportunity. ABC is here to serve, with your best interest always in mind.