About Action Bio-Care, Inc.

Action Bio-Care, Inc. was established in early 2007. We formed as a local Family business that has quickly grown into a Nationwide Service Provider.

World class customer care coupled with the highest level of service professional is what has allowed us to proudly serve Families across the Nation. ABC understands the sensitive nature of our business; we deal with these scenes every day. We have always operated on a single word "Integrity" we are here to help guide you through this trying time. We are experts in our field, call 877- 222-6697 (877-ABC-Now7) for immediate assistance.

Our Mission

Action Bio-Care, Inc. is here to help in anyway we can, we are here to serve with compassion, care and understanding.

Residential Service

We are experts in our field, all of our technicians are certified and our vehicles are licensed medical waste haulers. Things to consider when hiring a company of this nature;

1. Are they certified?
2. Are they licensed to do business in your State?
3. Are their vehicle registered with DOT?
4. Are their vehicles licensed as Medical Waste haulers?
5. What type of person will you be letting into your house?
6. Has the company done background checks on its employees?
7. Do they have workers compensation insurance?
8. Do they have general commercial liability insurance?
9. Drug test their employees?
10. Does the company sub-contract their work?

This is just a small example of things to look for in a professional biohazard company. Action Bio-Care, Inc. meets or exceeds all of the above. We are professionals; we only hire professionals. Our job is to serve you with the highest level of professional care.

Corporate Service

Our business to business program was designed to exceed all of our corporate partner's expectations. We provide professional, fast reliable service. The most important things to consider as a corporation are; Are they professionals in their field? and are they properly insured? If a worker gets hurt on your property as a business owner you know the liability. Action Bio-Care, Inc. has multiple levels of insurance specifically for its business to business relationships and our workers.

1. Workers compensation insurance.
2. Commercial general liability insurance.
3. Contactor's environmental liability insurance.
4. Property damage and theft insurance.
5. Vehicle insurance.
6. Validated references.

Convention Sponsors

Action Bio-Care, Inc. proudly supports Conventions, Police Baseball Leagues, D.A.R.E. and nonprofit organizations. Please use our contact form if you are interested in a sponsorship for your next convention. Typically; Medical Examiners, Police, Sheriff and First Responder are the conventions we support but feel free to send all request.