Suicide Clean Up Action Bio-Care, Inc.                'Specialist in Suicide Clean Up'              Toll Free: 877-222-6697

We specialize in cleaning up after suicides; We understand the emotional trauma that comes with this type of scene. Our technicians have completed specific training for this type of service. Compassion, Caring, and understanding the need to be discrete comes with every support team. Call ABC now @ 877-ABC-Now7 (877-222-6697).
blood cleanupAction Bio-Care, Inc.                 'Specialist in Blood Clean Up'              Toll Free: 877-222-6697

Action Bio-Care, Inc. Specializes in cleaning up after blood. Blood Clean Up should only be done by certified professional's. According to OSHA standards it is not ok to ask an employee to clean up after blood. A bloodborne pathogen certified technician that has had the proper training, shots and has been provided PPE is required to cleanup blood.
unattended death clean upAction Bio-Care, Inc.                'Specialist in Death Clean Up'                Toll Free: 877-222-6697

Death Clean Up or Unattended Death Clean up requires specially trained technicians. This type of scene is often accompanied with an odor. The scene must be properly treated or the odor will remain.

Services Overview

We specialize in the disinfecting of properties and automobiles after tragic circumstances. Blood Cleanup such as: accidents, suicide, homicides, unattended deaths, natural deaths, crime scenes, tear gas and trauma scenes. We are Incorporated, Licensed, Certified and Insured.

We experienced with these types of scene's, we understand the sensitivity when working. We will take every measure to maintain anonymity while working at the scene.

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Please feel free to contact us at any time as our service is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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